2018 NEWS

September 2018

  • The ION lab currently has two openings for Ph.D. students to join the lab
    • Email kfreedman (at) engr.ucr.edu for more information!
    • Students with Labview experience are especially encouraged to apply

  • New rotation students joined the lab!
  • Join us at the Fall Grad-Faculty Social  October 26th, 5-8PM in Bourns A265
  • Several new single molecule recording stations are set up in the lab for measuring molecular biophysics!

September 2018

  • Welcome back UG researchers!
  • Nanopores visualized under a transmission electron microscope for fine-tuning fabrication
  • Computational/Simulation computer is setup in the lab for running COMSOL
    • New models were built to help explain new experimental results. 
    • Students interesting in modeling should contact kfreedman (at) engr.ucr.edu for more information!

Summer 2018

  • Kevin awarded UCR seed grant in collaboration with Yadong Yin (UCR, Chemistry)
  • Computer-controlled pressure regulated nanopore recordings are now operational!  Pressure and voltage can now control the transport of molecules in a nanopore!
  • Co-chaired the Neuroengineering track at the UC-Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium! 
  • Invited former MS adviser, Dr. Karen Moxon to be our guest speaker at the UC-Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium!
  • Marco joins the lab, Welcome!
  • The ION lab receives funding from the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) to study the biological functions of melanin using single cell and single molecule technologies! Read more here....

Spring 2018

  • Alex and Michelle join the lab!

2017 NEWS

  • Jasmine joins the lab, Welcome!
  • The Lab was recently captured in latest Bourns College of Engineering Photoshoot!  Link here to Photos.
  • Lab activities have begun!  Contact Prof. Freedman if interested in joining a project. We are always looking for motivated undergraduate students, masters students, PhD students, and postdocs from various backgrounds.

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