Welcome to the Nanoscale Sensing and Biology Lab at UCR!
    Our Group Focuses on:
  •     The investigation of  biological systems using novel micro and nanoscale technologies
  •     The design, integration, and optimization of sensors for application in biophysics, genetics and healthcare


Our group is composed of a truly inter-disciplinary team of researchers focused on the development of technology for basic sciences as well as biomedical applications.  A key feature of the biological systems that we study is their heterogeneous composition which can hide rare or otherwise important information.  In order to understand population-level behaviors and underlying mechanisms, individual cells and/or molecules are probed using micro and nanoscale technology. Our lab is interested in biology at all levels -- from single molecules to viruses to microbes to cellular networks.

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Recent Publications

K Freedman, G Goyal, CW Ahn, MJ Kim. "Substrate Dependent Ad-Atom Migration on Graphene and the Impact on Electron-Beam Sculpting Functional Nanopores," Sensors, 17 (5), 1091 (2017).

K. Freedman, C. Crick, P. Albella, A. Barik, A. Ivanov, S. Maier, S.H. Oh, J. Edel. "On-Demand Surface and Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Using Dielectrophoretic Trapping and Nanopore Sensors," ACS Photonics, 3(6), 1036-1044 (2016).

K. Freedman, L. Otto, A. Ivanov, S. Oh, J. Edel, "Nanopore Sensing at Ultra-low Concentrations using Single Molecule Dielectrophoretic Trapping," Nature Communications, 7, 10217 (2016).

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Recent Highlights

The ION lab receives funding from the Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) to study the biological functions of melanin using single cell and single molecule technologies!

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We are always looking for motivated undergraduate students, masters students, PhD students, and postdocs from various backgrounds.  If interested, reach out! We look forward to hearing from you.

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