Nanoscale Biology, Sensing, and Physics

Welcome to the Nanoscale Sensing and Biology Lab at UCR!

Our Group Focuses on:

  • Studying biological systems using micro and nanoscale technology

  • Nanofabrication

  • Applications in biophysics, genetics and healthcare

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Our group is composed of a truly inter-disciplinary team of researchers focused on the development of technology for basic sciences as well as biomedical applications. A key feature of the biological systems that we study is their heterogeneous composition which can hide rare or otherwise important information. In order to understand population-level behaviors and underlying mechanisms, individual cells and/or molecules are probed using micro and nanoscale technology. Our lab is interested in biology at all levels -- from single molecules to viruses to microbes to cellular networks.


  • Dulce Presents her Ph.D. work at the UC Systemwide Bioengineering Symposium!

  • ION Lab presents at the Alliance for SoCal Innovation

  • ION Lab presents to the University of Sydney

  • Nasim is going to do an internship at Roche/Genia to work on DNA sequencing. Congratulations!

  • Nuwan moves back to Australia to start another adventure. You will be missed!

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What Does ION Lab Stand For?

Bourns College of Engineering, ION Lab Logo (@ San Diego Beach), Electron Micrographs of Bacteria and a Glass Nanopore